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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  August 7, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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roberta is aworking. >> does he know when to take a day off or what? >> apparently. >> busy day. >> a look at the seven-day forecast, he says i'm out of here. out the door right now, look at the air temperatures. extremely mild. the full forecast coming up. >> overnight roadwork into oakland downtown smoother once you hit the oakland coliseum which is what you see live here. we'll talk about the morning commute plus get a check of mass transit. it is all coming up on this thursday morning. >> thursday. >> thursday. >> prefriday! >> obviously, began to watch for me so i wouldn't dare attempt it again. >> this woman stowed away on a flight from the bay area and now she is talking about why she did it. christin ayers reports the serial stowaway pleaded no contest after her arrest at l.a.x. on monday. now marilyn hartman is out of
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jail and talking. >> homeless. i mean, i really -- i had been in some pretty awful situations and so i took desperate measures. and ironically i'm a student of the '60s. i made a point that got out of control. >> the whole point is you were trying to demonstrate something? >> well, draw attention to another issue and it was not the appropriate way to go about it. >> reporter: hartman says she has no family and has run into problems staying at homeless shelters. >> my debit card was stolen. a girl was filming me as i went to the locker and was undressing. that's an issue to be addressed because that film can now be put on the internet. >> reporter: what she wouldn't say is how she managed to sneak
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through security at san jose mineta airport and on to the plane in the first place. >> i am an american first and foremost. and i believe very strongly in security of this country. and so it was very stupid. i certainly have no idea or could give no hints to anyone that would be interested in doing that because it was wrong. >> reporter: stuck in los angeles now, marilyn said she has exactly $4.25 to her name contained in a plastic bag. and she has no idea where she will spend the night. >> what are you going to do? >> i don't know. i'll just have to -- i think -- i think i have been on enough programs where people recognize me, they might give me a dollar or two. [ laughter ] pray. i'm going to pray is what i'm going to do. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix 5. >> according to the "mercury news," hartman has no known family. every time she was arrested at sfo, she left the emergency contact number blank. and she used to live in chicago but has been in and out of homeless shelters for the past
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10 years up and down the west coast. and she has been stowing away or trying to for years. in 2012 someone believed to be hartman blogged about slipping through tight security spots in order to fly to another city. well, the tsa and airport both say this was not a security breach. cbs reporter john blackstone asked mineta's spokesman about that. >> reporter: how can you say this isn't a security breach when someone gets through security without showing id? >> there are a number of processes that the tsa can speak to in terms of the security screening process, but what's important here is that she was screened by the tsa for prohibited items before the flight. >> reporter: boarding passes are checked usually 2 or 3 times, id checked at least once. how can this happen? >> that's a good question for tsa. that's a good question for southwest airlines. and we are working with those agencies to support them as they investigate what did occur so they can prevent it from
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happening again. >> the tsa says the agency has initiated minor modifications now to the layout of the document checking area to prevent this again. you can see the interview with miss hartman at people in hawaii are bracing for a rare phenomenon back-to-back hurricanes. hurricane iselle is expected to hit the big island this evening. heavy rains and wind gusts up to 85 miles an hour are expected along with some flooding in areas. it would be the aloha state's first direct hurricane hit in 22 years. state officials tell people on all the hawaiian islands to get ready but not to panic. the american red cross is setting up no-frills shelters. >> is this providing a safe place to get out of the storm. there are no amenities, might not be running water or food. >> another hurricane julio is lurking right behind. tourists and locals have been
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getting in some last-minute beach time. bottled water and other items are quickly disappearing from the shelves of grocery stores. >> can only imagine you book that big vacation to hawaii and mother nature throws not one but two hurricanes at you. >> i have friends supposed to leave today but they had to cancel their flight. they are trying to get people not to go there with all the evacuations taking place. it would be a tremendous inconvenience on the big island taking a direct hit as a category 1 hurricane. we'll keep you advised on that. good morning, everybody. out the door we have the patchy fog lining the coastline. we have some haze around the bay and we have some clear skies inland. number-wise into the 50s and the 60s. now, late today, what we are talking about is temperatures from 63 degrees in pacifica and we will see the clearing of the skies to 91 degrees throughout the tri-valley. low 90s out towards fairfield through the delta 83 degrees right around san jose back through santa clara. the extended forecast it's a pretty stagnant weather pattern.
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60s beaches, 70s bayside to the low 90s into the inland areas. that's a quick look at your there is morning weather. here's elizabeth with traffic. >> thanks, roberta. and right now no big accidents. that's good news if you are going to work or trying to get somewhere on time. shouldn't have much to slow you down except overnight roadwork including in the east bay. the eastbound lanes this is counter-commute on 24 between oakland heading out to orinda. sounds like it's around broadway just before the caldecott tunnel. so we're not seeing any slowdowns including in the commute direction. westbound 24 very quiet from walnut creek into the macarthur maze. here's a live look at the nimitz freeway. this is in oakland near the oakland coliseum. so this morning got your overnight roadwork northbound 88016th to broadway and southbound 880 from jackson to embarcadero. various lanes blocked are blocked for at least the next 20 minutes. and the bay bridge toll plaza very quiet as you can see right now getting into san francisco. no metering lights. same thing with the san mateo
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bridge. if you are on westbound 92, looks great 13 minutes to foster city. back to you. >> thank you. 4:37. bart police believe they have caught a man breaking into cars in the transit agency's parking lots. police say they linked the suspect's fingerprints to at least three cases of auto burglary at the hayward, san leandro and bay fair stations. last month kpix 5 reported on thieves targeting cars parked at some of the bart lots and stealing their catalytic converters. a sacramento county woman is accused of selling drugs out of her bra. the sheriff's department says shelly gorman sold drugs at her apartment with her daughter nearby. the girl is now in protective custody. investigators say during a child welfare check, several items were found in shelly gorman's bra including marijuana, meth, cash and a drug pipe. they say they even found a digital scale. >> it's an avenue of concealment. we do see things that are hidden inside interior
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clothing, undergarments all the time. >> gorman faces felony including possession and child endangerment charges. more negotiations are planned monday to try to come up with a new contract for 450 employees of the golden gate bridge district. union leaders say workers voted unanimously last monday to authorize a strike. unions are promising to give one day notice if it comes to that. the main disagreement is over how much workers pay for their health coverage. after 15 months of negotiating, the a's have a new lease deal for the oakland coliseum. team owner lew wolff was on hand for yesterday's final vote by the joint powers authority. but he was quick to stress he still wants a new stadium. he said that may be in oakland or someplace else. the deal includes a new $10 million scoreboard for next season. the new 49ers stadium in santa clara has scored another big event. the nhl says the san jose sharks and levi's stadium will host an outdoor hockey game next year. the sharks will play the l.a. kings on an ice rink that will be built on the football field.
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the nhl stadium series has drawn huge crowds. tickets go on sale today for sharks and kings season ticketholders as well as seat licenseholders at levi's stadium. and remember, the first 49ers preseason game is today against the ravens in baltimore. you can see it at 4:30 here on kpix 5. time now is 4:39. russia is pushing back against sanctions issued by the west. how much russia's retaliation is expected to cost the u.s. economy. ,,,, on august 4th, two unsuspecting men
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officials from both the isr and palestinian sides say ty want it to continue after 72 hours are up tomorrow. the talks are on- going in cairo, with egyptians actin officials from israelis and palestinians say they want to continue after 72 hours cease-fire end tomorrow. the talks are ongoing in cairo with egyptians as the intermediaries between the two sides. israel says it wants hamas to disarm. hamas demands an end to the israeli blockade of gaza. russia is banning most food imports now from the west in
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retaliation for sanctions over the ukraine. the move is expected to cost western farmers more than $1 billion. it could also lead to empty shelves in russian cities. the ban involves imports from the united states, european union, australia, canada, and norway. final arguments begin this morning in the south african murder trial of oscar pistorius. the prosecutors say he shot his girlfriend through a door in his home intentionally. the defense says it was a mistake thinking she was an intruder. there is now a state of emergency in the west african nation of liberia as the ebola outbreak shows no sign of slowing. >> u.s. and its allies plan to send additional medical workers overseas to help contain the outbreak. more now from cbs news. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: these church-goers in liberia's capital are praying to keep ebola away. they are also learning more about the often fatal virus as
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the death toll climbs. >> watching is so important. we need to wash our hands more often. washing is so important. >> use sanitizer! >> reporter: healthcare workers are fanning out across neighborhoods to educate residents but many are met with fear and denial. there are reports people are hiding sick relatives and burying them in secret. people are afraid isolation wards are a death sentence. president obama says the u.s. will send additional assistance to west africa to help slow the spread of the disease. >> must get all the health workers that we need on the ground but help to bolster the systems that they already have in place. let's nip as early as possible any additional outbreaks of the disease. >> reporter: the death toll in four west african nations guinea, sierra leone, nigeria and liberia is approaching 1,000. it's spread by contact with bodily flutes including sweat,
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saliva and blood, spread by contact with bodily fluids. >> liberia's president says people may have to give up civil rights so authorities can take every measure to try to stop the spread of ebola. two american aid workers who contracted ebola were working in west africa. they are now showing signs of improvement. new this morning two confirmed deaths in california linked to west nile virus this year. the victims both adults from sacramento and shasta counties. overall, 35 californians have been diagnosed with west nile this year including 16 reported to the state this week . that's more than double the pace since last year. it's transmitted through mosquitos. vector control will fog parts of santa clara and sunnyvale tonight. a reminder for ships and small boats in the bay area: stay away from whales. endangered humpbacks as well as minke whales have been spotted in recent days at ocean beach.
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harassing the animals carries federal penalties. boaters are urged to stay at least 300 feet away. it is 4:45. and roberta is ready for a little weather report. how are we doing? >> in the house. i had a great night last night. he was at the tony bennett concert. outdoors 79 degrees at 9:00 last night. it was beautiful. tony was fabulous! he still has it. remember what song he sang? >> i left my heart. >> i left my heart with him last night. just amazing night. and you know what? the nice weather is going to continue here locally as far as the slightly above-normal temperatures. and we will be less muggy today. good morning, everybody! rise and shine. right now current air temperatures in the 50s and 60s, and sure, we do have some areas of clouds lining the immediate seashore and saturating the bay, as well. but it is clear inland. this is the scene as people are already out and about. go back to bed! wow. okay. some morning drizzle at the coast, just very light drizzle all associated with that deck of clouds not as muggy but
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warmer today. seasonal temperatures through sunday. this is what you can expected. this area of low pressure has been pumping in that high humidity and drawing in the clouds from our back door into the bay area. now we're switching over to this area of high pressure. it's going to continue to build in. but as it does, it enhances that marine layer along the immediate seashore. we'll have some clearing today. let's take a walk to see the cloud retreat back over the open waters. statewide 60s monterey bay through carmel. 93 degrees ukiah. thunderstorms in the high sierra into yosemite. that's again a late-day thunderstorm expected. 63 pacifica today with gradual clearing of the skies. mid-70s from vallejo to suisun city through american canyon. up 70s mountain view through palo alto and low 90s throughout the tri-valley. west winds 5 to 10 miles per
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hour. extended forecast, slightly cooler temperatures, stagnant through the weekend. and we'll see 60s at the beaches. that is your weather forecast. elizabeth, how are you doing? good to see you. >> you, too. you, too. i know. and we're up nice and early and if you are too, trying to get to work, so far things look good. if you are crossing the richmond/san rafael bridge, i was checking some overnight roadwork. there was some in the eastbound direction heading out of richmond. they again had that one lane open. but again, it looks like most of this should be clear if not in the clearing stages and in the commute direction heading into marin. obviously everything looks great there. here's a live look at the nimitz. 880 in oakland once again, for the next 15 minutes you may still hit some overnight roadwork scheduled until 5:00 northbound 880, 16th to broadway, and southbound from jackson to embarcadero coming through downtown. bay bridge toll plaza looking good. we have our usual slight backups in the cash lanes. fastrak lanes no issues this
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morning coming into san francisco. westbound 580, 880, and the eastshore freeway, everything looks good even though if you are traveling eastshore freeway overnight they had that usual roadwork westbound 80 buchanan to powell coming into emeryville . hopefully that's cleared already. clear on 280, guadalupe parkway, and 101 coming through downtown. mass transit looks great, no issues for bart systemwide on time. that is your "kcbs traffic." frank, michelle, back to you guys. >> thank you. a bay area startup says it has a way to eliminate distracted driving. kpix 5's don ford shows us the technology designed to allow you to safely access your smartphone while behind the wheel. >> reporter: there are a lot of distractions while driving: texting, phone calls, even programming your gm's. one company thinks they can help that. >> we're working on a head-up display for your car that projects a transparent image that appears to float outside
4:49 am
of your windshield. >> reporter: it's called nav-d. a portable device that displays a high resolution image to a small flat screen of all the apps you use while driving. with some special optical tricks, your eye sees the display out over your hood. >> hi, mom. >> hi. >> the image is actually focused out into the distance so then when you view information, your eyes stay focused on the roads. >> reporter: how does it work in real life? we took it for a spin. >> immediately turn left. >> reporter: the navigation was clear and simple. the display actually seemed to work. but isn't it, itself yet another distraction? we checked with the chp and this device is so new, they're not sure if it's legal or not to have on the dash. the law says all devices like gps and smartphones should not be in the driver's direct line of sight. but this display may be
4:50 am
different. >> the issue where your take your eyes off the road to dial, change music, that's when bad things happen. >> reporter: it will be controlled by simple hand gestures. the company has funding and hopes to start shipping early next year. in san francisco, don ford, kpix 5. the future of america's deep space program has landed at the port of los angeles. orion is the spacecraft nasa hopes will take astronauts to mars. orion's first launch with no crew aboard is scheduled for december 4. it will travel about 3600 miles above earth. >> pretty extraordinary, they have built something that's able to go all the way up to mars. >> i would love to vacation on mars. wouldn't that be cool? better than disneyworld. [ laughter ] >> i don't know. but an orange county boy scout troop got an early preview. nasa and the navy have been testing the spacecraft's re- entry. it will splash down in the pacific ocean with a navy ship assigned to retrieve it. time now is 4:50.
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parents of one east bay high school says a new textbook crosses the line of decency. coming up, what has them so upset. ,, ,, oo ska ,,,,
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on august 4th, two unsuspecting men walked in to a mcdonald's and discovered an extraordinary burger with heaps of jalapeños... ...for only two dollars. within minutes, they had also discovered the phenomenon of "economnomnomics" nomnom... nom? nom nom the jalapeño double, try it now for just $2 on mcdonald's dollar menu and more. it's economnomnomcial. ♪ nom...nom...nom...
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good morning, on this thursday, august 7. we have high temperatures today in the 60s and 70s from daly city all the way into san mateo with clearing of the skies along the immediate seashore. hi, sunnyvale! 83 degrees there today. campbell 84. pretty much seasonal highs in and around the silicon valley. around the eastern portion of our district, highs in the low 90s in the tri-valley. 91 degrees in san ramon. good morning, walnut creek. in the mid-80s. and then as we venture into the northern portion of our district, high temperatures today in the mid-80s and sonoma topping off at 96 degrees in
4:54 am
clearlake and in the city by the bay. we are talking about a high temperature today near 70 degrees. enjoy. >> out the door, a live look at dublin-pleasanton. those headlights are westbound traffic between tracy and the altamont pass just now beginning to see slowdowns on our sensors but as you continue west everything looks great. a full look at your "kcbs" drive to work is just minutes away. california governor brown has been talking about progress in california education. during a brief speech, the governor thanked teachers and educators yesterday for helping support and get prop 30 passed. >> and they have the gall to say, california, oh, you have problems. you bet we got problems! everyone in the world's got problems! but this is a state that's solving them! [ yelling ] governor brown credited the recovering economy with helping allow more funding for schools and fewer teacher layoffs. well, parents were shocked to open up a new textbook for some bay area high school
4:55 am
freshmen. >> safe to say it's unlike any book you had in school. kpix 5's da lin opens it up for us. >> oh, my god! >> know what that is? got some pictures. >> reporter: the reaction from these parents gives you an idea of the images they are looking at are too much for tv. >> on the internet. >> too much for me. i'm not comfortable with my child looking -- i mean, wow. that's -- the graphics are extreme. oh, my gosh! >> reporter: the illustrations show a close-up look at private parts. the parents say it's also the provocative and prominent way they are used in this health textbook. >> they are very pornographic. >> like i said, something you might -- >> the pictures are very -- >> -- accidentally if you are on the wrong website, you may run across that. >> reporter: then there are the words in the book. topics about masturbation, sex toys and orgasms. here's a paragraph about bondage using handcuffs, ropes and blindfolds for sex games. >> shocking!
4:56 am
>> i don't like them. >> i'm shocked!! i'm very shocked that they're so graphic! for a freshman? >> reporter: fremont is the only district in california using this book. many parents started a petition to stop the district saying it's not age-appropriate for ninth graders. some students agree. >> i don't think we should really need to know about that at this age. i feel like it's more of life adults. >> reporter: the district superintendent says teachers won't be teaching about sex toys but says overall, this is a very good book. >> those anatomy pieces of health education are required to be taught. it's part of students learning about their bodies. >> reporter: some students say with internet and social media, kids are growing up a lot faster so better to learn it early. i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> the district is standing behind it and says parents should attend back to school night to look at the book
4:57 am
themselves. parents can opt out their children out of that class. >> i imagine many students will be out of that class. >> i imagine so. a major breach in security at a bay area airport when a woman slips by tsa and sneaks on a flight. coming up after the break, why she says she took the major risk. >> get ready but don't panic. that's the warning for hawaii this morning. it is poised to get its first direct hurricane in 22 years. we are tracking the storms up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i view myself more as a sit- in at the airport to make a point that got out of control. >> the stowaway who got to l.a. without a ticket says she is trying to draw attention to the issue of homelessness. she pleaded no contest yesterday after her arrest at l.a.x. >> i'm not worried. but pretty anxious to see what
5:00 am
happens. >> hurricane iselle could make landfall as early as today on hawaii's big island. and hurricane julio isn't far behind. residents are stocking up with supplies. hawaii hasn't had a hurricane in more than 20 years. >> going to be hurting his economy and hurting his own people. >> reporter: russian president vladimir putin ordered a ban on all u.s. agriculture imports for one year. that's about $1.2 billion worth of business. putin is retaliating for the sanctions imposed over the ukraine crisis. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." >> there's the throw home, cut off! >> good morning, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. 5:00. hawaii is preparing for a big one-two punch a couple of menacing hurricanes with their sights set on the islands. anne makovec is live in the newsroom with more on what could be the state's first re